Why Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring?

In the front of your mind when you think of a engagement ring, most will first think of the iconic diamond engagement ring; the single stone solitaire.

The Solitaire ring in its modern form is very much a creation of the 20th Century. The discovery of diamond fields in once-colonial Africa and technological advances in mining and polishing at the turn of the 19th century saw the diamond market open beyond royalty and aristocracy to the wider wealth of the middle classes. A diamond engagement ring became, as it remains a status symbol embodying a promise, love and eternity.

Never out of fashion, the solitaire engagement ring endures as the most popular and prominent design of diamond engagement ring. Classic, simple and timeless, these rings are passed down through generations after lifetimes of wear, maintaining the same brilliance and elegance as they did the day they were first set.

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