Wedding rings

Wedding rings

A traditional wedding band or the perfect complement to each engagement ring, our collection includes options with or without diamonds and the ability to add a personalised engraving to make it your own.

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Every piece of jewellery we create sits at the centre of a unique love story and we document the process with the same care and attention that we bring to the pieces themselves.

Tell us about your own story, send us some of your favourite memories and we’ll co-create your own Love Story with every ring.


Which hand do you wear a wedding ring on?

Tradition depends on where you are in the world. In the UK, North America, Australasia and Commonwealth countries, engagement and wedding rings are worn on the left hand. This likely stems from the Roman belief that the left fourth finger directly connects to the heart.

However, in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Greece, Russia and Colombia, it is custom to wear engagement and wedding rings on the right hand. And in Argentina, it is known for both partners to wear an engagement ring on the left before moving it to the right hand once married. But whichever hand you choose, the fourth finger is the normal custom.

How do I measure my finger for a wedding ring?

You can visit us in-store for professional measuring, and ring resizing is complimentary with every Vashi. purchase. Or follow our helpful How-To Guide to get the right measurements at home. Read more

Does a wedding ring have to be a band?

Not at all. We’re in the business of co-creating exactly what you’re looking for, so if you want to mark your milestone with a different kind of jewellery then we’re here to help make it with you.

Get in touch with The Vashi Team to discuss designs.

Does Vashi offer home delivery?

We do. Both our delivery and returns services are free and you can expect your parcel to arrive in discreet packaging so that it will remain a surprise.

Do I have to visit your stores?

Not at all. We can offer you the same experience right at home via video consultation with one of our experts. You can discuss diamonds, learn about the 4 Cs, and make a design with our craftspeople digitally instead.