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Vashi's father, also named Vashi, emigrates to Tenerife from Mumbai, India; the diamond capital of the world.


Named after his father and for a beloved place in Mumbai, Vashi Dominguez is born to his Spanish mother and Indian father in the historical coastal town of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.


Vashi sells his first business and begins studying gemmology.


Vashi secures his first successful diamond deal in Antwerp, Belgium and begins trading diamonds wholesale.


Following the expansion of his wholesale business into Europe, Vashi moves his business online.


The Daily Express does a profile piece on Vashi - Web venture sparkles for ring master.


Vashi appears on UK TV as the diamond expert, as seen on BBC, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg. In the UK press, Vashi appears with full profile pieces in Mail on Sunday, Sunday Times, and London Evening Standard, as well as appearances in London Metro & Yahoo! Finance.


Vashi continues appearing on UK TV as the diamond expert, as seen on BBC News, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News. In the UK press, Vashi appears in The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Express, The Guardian, The Independent, Sunday Times, BBC Online, Yahoo, and MSN amongst other titles. Vashi.com is launched; an evolution from diamondmanufacturers.co.uk. The website picks up the Best Independent Site Award at the Online Retail Awards. Vashi continues to redefine luxury, expanding across Europe.


Vashi Dominguez cements his status as TV's Diamond Expert. Valentine’s Day 2014 saw outlets from CNN and CNBC to ITV’s This Morning request the diamond expert to provide commentary on the precious gemstone in themed programmes. Elsewhere, LBC radio interviewed Vashi on the blue diamond discovery, whilst AOL were among the news outlets to quote him on the find and its potential value. Vashi also took time off from London, guiding Shortlist magazine on a trip around Antwerp’s diamond district.


In 2015, Dominguez was featured in the documentaries; "Rich, Russian and Living in London" and "The Super-Rich and Us". Both documentaries aired on BBC Two discussing super-wealth in the UK.

Vashi was also featured in Spears magazine discussing the increase in demand for semi-precious gemstones.

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