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Fine jewellery. Designed by you, made with us.


In 2016, Vashi Dominiguez opened a jewellery store with a difference. Having worked in the diamond industry for 20 years he was amazed that the major brands of Bond Street, 5th Avenue and Place Vendôme hadn’t evolved with their 21st century customers.

The stores were intimidating; guarded by bouncers, commission based staff judging whether you’d be spending big that day and glass cabinets making you feel worlds apart from jewellery that was just in front of you. The product range was limited in design and price and the tailor-made experience was only available to the super rich.

What’s more, there was unnecessary cost in the supply chain that could be passed on as savings to customers who valued fair pricing and transparency above all.

In an age of self-expression where even cola brands offered personalised cans, Vashi had a vision for a fine jewellery service where customers could design their own piece and not only meet the people making it but even help with the process.

I truly believe that something you make yourself has a much stronger sentimental power, I get so excited seeing what each of our customers dreams up.

Vashi Dominguez

Vashi is an ethical, fine jewellery service that puts the customer at the heart of the design and making process. There are no bouncers on the door, our staff are not on commission and we've built a workshop in every store so you can get involved from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or know exactly what you want, we’d be happy to help.
Book an experience or simply ask us a question.

Our founder, Vashi Dominguez Our founder, Vashi Dominguez
Our Flagship store at Piccadilly Our Flagship store at Piccadilly
Ella Eyre Creates her own piece Ella Eyre Creates her own piece