How to work with a budget

We custom-make all our jewellery in co-creation with you so that you can optimise your budget
We custom-make all our jewellery in co-creation with you. One huge bonus to this, aside from having complete autonomy over the finished product which tells your very own story, is that you can ensure the most from any budget. Simplify the process and outline exactly how much you want to spend beforehand, then let us impress you with what we can achieve together.

Significant jewellery purchases can be daunting and we understand many customers may want to assess different options as they consider their potential budgets. At Vashi, we also offer fair finance plans to help you afford the perfect design, allowing payment in monthly installments over various time lengths.

Once you've outlined your budget then you'll need to get to know the 4 Cs, aka the rules of diamond grading. We’ll start by showing you loose, unset diamonds so you can see first-hand just what you’ll get for your money and which grading combinations will bring out the best in your design.

Focus on the Cut of a diamond as your primary consideration, as this is what generates a diamond’s sparkle. There’s more in-depth info on that here.

 Dropping down a little on the scale of Carat weight, Clarity or Colour grade will help you stay on budget and can be cleverly concealed by a superior cut. So much so that the grading differences are hard to detect even when the diamond is viewed under a jeweller’s lens.