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How to rework an heirloom

Create a contemporary design from a sentimental piece
Do you have inherited or heirloom jewellery pieces that you rarely wear? Reworking antique or vintage jewellery is an increasingly popular choice. From modernising a vintage ring to extracting stones for a complete redesign project, we’ll co-create something together that breathes new life into your antique or heirloom jewellery, and make a contemporary design that’s tailored to you.

Book an appointment with one of our craftspeople and bring your unworn design to us in-store. We’ll talk about your budget, why you aren’t wearing this piece, and what jewellery you do wear, to explore how you could rework it into something you'll cherish.

You might already have rings that you wear everyday but want to place the stone from an inherited solitaire into a pendant necklace for instance, so that the piece works for you but still retains the sentiment behind it.

Or if you already have rings that you wear everyday and wouldn't want to swap them for an inherited design, you could for instance, repurpose the diamonds or gemstones from a ring and co-create a pendant necklace.

Before taking the plunge (or rather the pliers out), consider whether this piece fits your style or not. If you think it could grow on you, then wait a while to make a definite decision. A little polish and TLC from our team can work wonders.