How to clean and care for your jewellery

Easy at-home tips for maintaining your Vashi pieces

Your jewellery can pick up residue from pollution, cosmetics and surfaces each day. As your hands come into contact with these the most, rings can be particularly susceptible to dirt build up. Your jewellery can also be vulnerable to damage if not looked after carefully, so here’s our top tips on keeping your jewellery in pristine condition.

How to clean your jewellery at home

The best way to clean gold, platinum and diamond jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings, at home is using a warm, soapy solution, to restore the sparkle and shine. Wearing your jewellery on rotation is a great way to help keep it cleaner for longer, but engagement and wedding rings will be worn for a lifetime, so here’s our handy hints to give your jewellery a polished gleam.

Soak it in warm (not hot) soapy water made with mild dish soap for around 20 minutes. Then use a soft bristle toothbrush (that you keep only for this purpose) to oh-so gently scrub away any dirt and residue. All you need is a little patience so take your time with delicate brushstrokes, even if the residue is quite heavy or tricky to remove. And be sure to avoid anything abrasive like toothpaste, as well as products containing bleach or sonic devices, as these can cause damage which really can’t be undone.

Top tip: concentrate on the areas between stones and settings as this is a prime area for residue to build up over time

Once rinsed leave to air dry or use a soft a natural cloth, ideally cotton or linen to dry your jewellery, but never reach for a paper towel as this can actually scratch the metal.

If your jewellery is antique and needs a little expertise, or you're in any doubt at all about your piece, bring it into one of our stores for some specialised TLC. Regular polishing and professional cleaning is included in your Vashi warranty.

Jewellery care tips

Store your jewellery separately. Different gemstones have different hardnesses and can scratch or chip other pieces when kept together, storing them apart from each other also avoids delicate chains or metal work becoming tangled and breaking.

If you’ve kept the original packaging, then use this to store each piece. It’s perfectly designed to the shape and size of your jewellery and will keep it dust and dirt free.

Choose a place to store jewellery that’s away from direct sunlight, damp or extreme hot and cold conditions and use either a zip-lock bag (with the air squeezed out before sealing) or acid-free tissue to wrap it.

Don’t leave your jewellery on chemically treated surfaces or varnished wood as this can stain your metal. It can also speed up the tarnishing process.

Always remove your jewellery when playing sports, swimming, cleaning or doing outdoor activities. Take it off when you’re having any salon/beauty treatments too. This minimises any risk of damage that’s hard or even impossible to undo from snags, rough impacts and contact with chemicals.

And lastly, try to handle your jewellery as little as possible to avoid natural oils from your fingertips, or daily residue building up and dulling the sparkle.