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Diamond Certification

As a potential diamond buyer, you should be aware of the methods used to grade diamonds, namely colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. There exists no single set of criteria diamond laboratories use to grade diamonds and every laboratory has its own, different set of standards. While knowing these factors is important, the sentimental act of finding your perfect diamond should by no means be governed by these numbers.

Diamond certification doesn't necessarily mean it is superior. For insurance purposes a valuation certificate (also known as appraisal) is required by the insurers, this is a separate document to the diamond certificate itself. One of the most common diamond certifications is issued by the GIA or Gemological Institute of America. A GIA report checks the ‘4Cs’ of a diamond but for you, the buyer, it makes little difference to your diamond-buying experience.

Consider the following reports; virtually identical in grading, you are likely to expect two nearly identical diamonds.


In reality, the differences are quite noticeable to the naked eye and this is a good reason why certification or approved GIA diamond reports should not be considered of greater importance than your personal preference when finding your dream diamond engagement ring.


What are Certificates Used for?

In terms of finding the perfect grade of diamond for a certain cut, or simply for providing peace of mind when buying a quality stone, certificates certainly are a valuable accompaniment to any diamond jewellery. Certification and the grades they outline mean that you have an easy and simple way to evaluate the quality of a diamond. As with any item of great beauty, however, typed words and numbers are simply unable to portray their true charm.

Vashi’s Standards

Many diamonds with a high grade in the 4Cs will not have excellent sparkle. In fact, most mass market diamonds don’t have a superior level of sparkle and shine. This is the reason why Vashi rejects 90% of all the diamonds we inspect before buying. We ensure that the diamonds we purchase are of the utmost quality, which translates into beautiful diamonds with great brilliance and sparkle. We do not simply settle for the diamond with the best numbers on paper.

Vashi also highly prizes the transparency of a diamond. At present there is no set industry- wide standard to grade the transparency of a diamond. Without this vital detail there is no way to know if a diamond will look beautiful and be full of life and fire and grading reports rely almost directly on the 4Cs. Vashi relies on a wealth of experience to discern the truly great diamonds from those which may simply meet the criteria of a high ranking certificate. We reject diamonds which do not pass a basic transparency test, which we think is even more important to appearance than cut and which is key to providing you with a truly beautiful diamond.