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Showing all 26 products
  •    26 item(s)
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Too much choice? Help is at hand, or wing. Chat to
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Too much choice? Help is at hand, or wing. Chat to
your Guardian Angel anytime, they're with you for
life. Say hello

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Rings for women & rings for men

There is no greater expression of lasting love than in the form of a diamond ring. When you’re searching for that perfect representation of an emotion that is impossible to put into words, the timeless and effortless beauty of a diamond will undoubtedly impress. It is no wonder it is heralded as the ultimate symbol of matrimony, used in engagement rings for centuries to represent an unbreakable bond. With its clarity that is likened to the tears of deities, strength and rarity, its value and desirability will never diminish. Diamond rings, like love, become more valuable with time as a declaration of commitment between two people eventually become a treasured heirloom. A beautiful stone becomes a piece of history imbued with memories.

There is no limitation to the occasions with which to present a diamond ring to your significant other. From young love to a milestone anniversary, the same strong statement of lasting love stands. Each ring, with a selection of styles and precious metals to choose from, speaks of a different sentiment and there is one to suit each individual taste. From the simplistic elegance of a single stone ring to the three stone diamond ring that signifies a love across time – past, present and future – that important personal message of affection will be conveyed.

For that specific and pivotal moment, when you want to ask for forever, the engagement ring requires a specific kind of perfection. For a special one-of-a-kind diamond ring, consult one of our diamond engagement ring experts, peruse our hand-picked diamond rings by Vashi Dominguez, or for a personal touch, design your own with your choice of diamond and a setting of your preference. You can also choose to fasten your wedding vows, to preserve the moment in its best form, with our equally diverse range of diamond wedding bands. With such a wide variety of choice, your diamond ring will not only be beautiful, but it will enable you to capture the essence of the moment for you to preserve forever.

Whilst diamond rings are used as an expression of love, every powerful woman deserves to own a timeless classic to outwardly display their inner qualities of strength, elegance and sophistication that the diamond represents.

Even with the jaw-dropping dress, or expertly tailored suit, immaculate hair, and spectacular shoes, the ensemble only reaches its full potential with the bright glint of a diamond ring to pull the whole image together. The diamond ring is not merely an addition, but the final component for its wearer to become the starring role of an award winning performance that will leave a lasting impression on its audience. Worn by royalty and beloved iconic figures, diamond rings are a romantic tribute to style and glamour.