Discover contemporary fine jewellery from Vashi’s in-house team of designers. Whether you’re looking for a gift or celebrating a moment in your own life, make it meaningful with our jewellery collections.

Create Something Unique

Every piece of jewellery we create sits at the centre of a unique love story and we document the process with the same care and attention that we bring to the pieces themselves. 

Tell us about your own story, send us some of your favourite memories and we’ll co-create your own Love Story with every ring.


Why is gold used to make jewellery?

Gold is naturally malleable, ductile and corrosion resistant, which makes it ideal for shaping and sculpting into beautiful designs. Gold initially emerged as a symbol of political and religious power in ancient Egypt and was prized by the ancient Incas as ‘the tears of the sun’. In its natural 24-karat form, pure gold is considered too soft and easily damaged for jewellery making. In solution to this, the industry norm is to use 18k gold in white, yellow and rose alloys for a more robust finish.

How do I store jewellery at home?

Essentially, your jewellery needs to be kept in a dark and dry place. Direct sunlight, humidity, moisture or dampness are all to be avoided in order to keep your pieces in good condition. Keeping the original packaging is an easy way to store them well and ensure that they’re dust and dirt-free in the process. Read our How-To Guide to learn more.

How is jewellery valued?

VASHI diamonds come with both a certificate of authenticity and an appraisal certificate, which you will likely need for insurance purposes and is the primary reason for a valuation. Professional valuations involve cleaning, weighing and inspecting a piece and provide an accurate description of its exact specifications and condition. As part of your Vashi purchase, you’ll also get a warranty, which covers your diamond jewellery for things like repairs, yearly cleaning, polishing and maintenance.

Does Vashi offer home delivery?

We do. Both our delivery and returns services are free and you can expect your parcel to arrive in discreet packaging so that it will remain a surprise.

Do I have to visit your stores?

Not at all. We can offer you the same experience right at home via video consultation with one of our experts. You can discuss diamonds, learn about the 4 Cs, and make a design with our craftspeople digitally instead. Book a consultation.