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How to create your own ring with software

So, you have decided to propose and now need a ring. Pretty momentous stuff and not something you want to get wrong. There is a bewilderingand many men feel daunted by the prospect. Thus the growing trend for couples to look for the ring together after she has accepted the proposal. This ensures that the ring she will wear for the rest of her life is one she really likes. But the ultimate in choice, whether you do it alone or together, is to design your own ring using the software available from many jewellers.

You can start by choosing either the metal or the stone. If we start with the metal you must be aware that yellow gold is no longer all-dominant. Many women today prefer the look of a white metal and this can be achieved by using platinum, hard and durable but expensive, or white gold, softer and less durable but half the price.

The chief determinant is the weight measured in carats. A 1 carat stone will cost more than twice as much as a half carat stone due to its rarity but a useful tip is to look for stones that are just below the so-called magic numbers, ½, ¾. 90 points, 1ct, 1.5ct. A stone, say, 5 points below one of these numbers will be undetectable except to a jeweller and may come at a considerable pro rata discount.

Cut and shape are matters of personal choice but the most popular ones do carry a premium. Designing your own ring gives you access to all shapes and cuts. Round Brilliant is the most popular at the moment but an oval may suit the bride’s hand better, it will also be cheaper carat for carat.

Clarity measures the flaws and blemishes, often invisible to the naked eye. A good software programme will give you a choice, which will enable you to get the best for your budget.

The same is true of colour. A top grade colourless diamond, classified as D, may be what everyone thinks they should have but the reality is that even jewellers struggle to grade colour without a stone to use as a comparison. Again, a good programme should guide you as to what is right for your budget. can help if you have any questions - that’s what we are here for. Our engagement ring and diamond experts will be delighted to assist you and are available for live chat (online, on the phone or in person) 7 days a week. You can also email us on