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Heart Cut

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Heart Cut Diamonds

The Heart Cut is the undeniably romantic style of diamond which sports a charming heart design. A brilliant cut, heart diamonds are able to provide similar levels of sparkle as the Round Brilliant, made even more eye-catching by their unmistakable shape.

What is a Heart Cut Diamond?

A heart cut diamond is simply that, making it a wonderfully decorative diamond style. Created by placing an extra notch in a Pear cut diamond, heart diamonds have a history of being exchanged among royals and members of the upper classes as a symbol of affection. Due to the precision and delicacy required to achieve this cut prior to the creation of modern cutting tools, these unique stones would have been highly prized. In modern times the sentimental shape, combined with its high levels of brilliance, has made this cut a very popular choice, especially with solitaire rings where the stone can shine as a clear declaration of love.

Shape of Your Heart

Heart shaped diamonds can be made to many different measurements, some may be long and slim, while others are notably fatter. The most popular style is based on the precision of the shape, with a pointed base and a sharply cut cleft. Symmetry is highly important with heart cuts as this allows each lobe of the heart shape to appear equal and provide the most pleasing result.

Featuring 59 facets, the heart cut retains the same brilliance and fire as a round cut while being able to stand out from the crowd. Traditionally preferred as Valentine’s or birthday gifts, this diamond and the artistry required by its precise cut is more commonly displayed in necklace pendants and earrings than engagement rings.

A Matter of Size

Heart diamonds may require customers to pay more attention to diamond size than other cuts. The larger the diamond, the clearer and more defined the shape. A 1.00 ratio gives the most pleasing results and most symmetrical heart cut, though the diamond’s ‘plumpness’ should also be considered as overly flat stones can diminish the final sparkle of the stone.

Selecting your Diamond

Vashi recommends you to choose a plump stone with a well-defined outline and even shoulders, with a minimum colour of G, clarity of SI1 and very good cut.

A more modest budget that can afford a minimum colour of H, clarity of SI1, and very good cut can still create an eye-catching heart diamond.

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