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Diamond engagement rings and other jewellery come in a range of precious metals, but how do you know which metal is your best option for the perfect engagement ring or jewellery gift? gives you the inside guide to precious metals.

Metals are considered to be precious where they are rarely found and highly sought after, having a higher price than other useful and  industrial metals. Used for coinage and in decoration for centuries, we continue to seek, trade and buy gold and its counterpart precious metals. Traditional precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum; modern precious metals including palladium and rhodium are also now used for self-adornment and as a physical monetary asset, traded on financial markets across the globe.


The most costly but hard wearing choice.

The most popular gold colour, always a safe choice.

The classic gold colour, beloved for centuries.


Several other metals are used in jewellery including palladium and silver.

Although high-polished is the most popular metal finish, other choices are available.