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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings

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18k White Gold
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Showing all 20 products
  •    20 item(s)
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Too much choice? Help is at hand, or wing. Chat to
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Too much choice? Help is at hand, or wing. Chat to
your Guardian Angel anytime, they're with you for
life. Say hello

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Halo Diamond rings

Halo engagement rings made their debut back in the 1920’s, and their popularity today reflects their timeless beauty. The halo effect comes from setting the diamonds across the band of the ring, which produces a striking effect that is reminiscent of an angel’s halo. The setting of diamonds across the band ensures that the ring you buy for your beloved is sure to catch everyone’s eyes. Halo engagement rings are almost as classic as their solitaire counterparts but come with an extra extravagant twist. It’s not possible to go wrong with a halo engagement ring, and with Vashi UK you will find the perfect ring for your own angel.

Having found the perfect person to spend your life with, it is now time to find the perfect engagement ring. You want to be sure to find something which will set your special one’s heart pulsing. Thankfully, Vashi UK is here for you and has taken the time to carefully hand pick a selection of truly breathtaking halo engagement rings. From the bold platinum halo ring (guaranteed to make a real impact) to the demurer choices with 18k white gold bands (which scream class and sophistication), you are bound to find a halo ring which is the perfect fit for your special someone. The selection of halo rings on offer ensure that you can find a ring which perfectly matches her style and persona. All of these pieces are truly timeless and will remain with you throughout the new life you build together, acting as a constant reminder of the strength of your feelings for one another.

Taking the plunge and asking the most important question of your life is no mean feat. But with a Vashi halo engagement ring in your pocket, you can feel sure that one of the most crucial aspects of your proposal will be absolutely magical.

Vashi is always at hand to help in the search for the perfect engagement ring and our experts will be happy to give a helping hand. With Vashi UK you are sure to pick the perfect ring which will make for a truly spectacular proposal that she will never forget.