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Diamond Engagement Rings

“I can help you find your dream engagement ring with my exclusive collection at I personally select only 1 in 10 diamonds to bring you rings featuring stunning gems from around the world. I’ve trained my experts to help you find your ideal diamond and they’re always on hand for advice. Together, we can help you discover or create an engagement ring to cherish for a lifetime.”


Engagement Rings

Discover the perfect diamond engagement ring at VASHI.

Create your own bespoke ring or choose from our custom collection.

We will guide you through the whole process.

You make it

Choose your diamond, setting and precious metal,
and create your own unique piece. After all, only you know what best expresses your love.

Meet your team

At VASHI, we want your piece to be as perfect as you do – our Guardian Angels and Alchemists are here to work with you to make something unique and entirely yours. Have it all planned out, or come in and we'll shape it together.

Our diamonds

Every one of our diamonds is chosen for superior brilliance. And, of course, they’re ethically sourced, conflict-free and guaranteed.