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We only hand pick diamonds with a cut grade of 'Very Good' or higher to make sure you get the maximum beauty.



We only sell diamonds with a colour grade of 'I' and higher. Vashi rejects any diamonds with a blue fluorescence and guarantees quality sparkle.



We only sell diamonds with a clarity grade of 'SI1' and higher to ensure you receive the finest quality at the best size possible.

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Diamonds have been revered for their beauty for centuries, and these multi-faceted gemstones continue to impress the modern world with their fine edges and remarkable clarity.

Throughout the world, and across time, diamonds have held prominence and respect. They have inspired legends and myth, with their origins being said to have come from the tears of the Gods, from lightning touching the earth, and the pieces of fallen stars. Even deities have used diamonds for their remarkable qualities, such as Cupid for the tip of his enchanting arrows. Favoured by royalty and nobility, and frequently worn as a source of protection in battle, diamonds have bewitched mankind since ancient times and have not ceased to inspire.

Vashi’s diamonds are hand-picked, straight from the diamond mines and cutter, and each are of exquisite quality. Only a cut of ‘very good’ and above, a colour grade of I or higher, and a transparency of SI1 or greater is acceptable. You can read our masterclass on diamonds so that you can ensure you’ve found the perfect diamond, at the right cut and quality, for you. We also pride ourselves on the acquisition of our diamonds, following an ethical diamond policy where all diamonds are from sources free of conflict. Therefore, you can ensure that you’re not only getting a beautiful quality diamond, but one from a reputable and ethical source.

With our selection of loose diamonds, you can find the perfect stone to then create your own ring, earring or pendant. Our settings come in a range of precious metals, such as gold and platinum, and so the final creation will suit your specific taste and requirements.

You will be able to adorn yourself in a unique piece of craftsmanship that reflects you. Diamonds represent beauty and strength, but these qualities are only fully realised when worn in the best manner that suits its wearer. Proudly take centre stage and dazzle your audience with glamour and sophistication, your diamond the centre piece to complete your image and bring the whole look together. Show elegance and class that is fit for royalty with your carefully selected diamond. Alternatively, your wonderfully designed pendant, or perhaps thoughtfully considered earrings, can become a unique and heartfelt gift to someone dear. They can own a lasting and valuable piece of jewellery that’s chosen and created with them in mind.

You may even be in a situation where you’re about to ask your significant other for their hand in marriage, so then why not make the moment that much more special with a personally designed engagement ring? Our diamond ring experts can assist with your choice so that you can acquire the perfect ring for the occasion.