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Diamond and jewellery gift giving guide

It’s a fact that most jewellery is bought by men and given to women. Jewellery is an important and significant gift. Often men feel slightly out of their depth, but it’s important to get it right. sends out every piece in a box that does justice to the gift and the thought behind it. They will even gift-wrap it for you. True, some men are very good at gift wrapping but the sort of jewellery they usually give to their beloved is more likely to be cuff-links and tie-pins than rings and earrings.

Finally, what if, despite all your best efforts, she really doesn’t like it? At you have 30 days to return the piece for a full refund and no questions asked. We hope she will love what you have chosen but if you feel in need of more help or advice our specialist diamond and jewellery consultants are always ready to help on 0800 530 0541 or by e-mail at

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