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How often should you clean platinum jewellery?

Your platinum jewellery may have a patina (soft, dulling finish) or a polished (shiny and bright) finish depending on its design. This will have an impact on how much damage will be immediately visible, so it’s always worth having a regular cleaning routine to stop scratches and grime from building up.

If you’re wearing your platinum jewellery every day (maybe a wedding band or engagement ring) it will be exposed to lots of surfaces, oils and chemicals, so it’s recommended that you clean regularly worn platinum jewellery once a month or so. For pieces that are worn less often, it might be worth cleaning them after you’ve worn them, as even in storage jewellery can be susceptible to damage. Making sure you store any platinum pieces separate from other jewellery in a clean, dry and soft cloth box will help to keep them in the best condition between wears.

It's also a good idea to give your jewellery a professional clean once a year, and at Vashi, we offer this as part of our Complimentary Care aftercare service.