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Do platinum and gold tarnish?

Neither platinum nor pure gold tarnish, corrode, rust, or change colour.

18 karat yellow gold does have some other metals mixed into the alloy, and while these metals could tarnish a little over time, it is very unlikely. However, if any tarnishing does appear on your piece, you can remove it with gentle cleaning.

18 karat white gold doesn't tarnish. Rather, it can change colour to its natural state, yellow gold. Our white gold is made up of 75 percent pure yellow gold and is nickel free – it's alloyed with a combination of silver, palladium, zinc and copper. At Vashi, we also rhodium plate our white gold to give it a bright, hard-wearing finish but this does wear off over time.

If your Vashi jewellery does tarnish you can bring it in-store for a professional clean, something we offer as part of our Complimentary Care aftercare service. We'll replate white gold jewellery too.