Job Title
CX Director


This is a senior leadership role, working closely with the CBO and will hold responsibility for the VASHI customer experience both on and offline as well as after sales and the evolution of VASHI’s omnichannel offer. It will drive acquisition and retention of customers and play a pivotal role in revenue generation. VASHI is unique in the way it places the customer at the heart of the making process and this role is grounded in a passionate and detailed understanding of our physical customer journey and requires both humanity and emotional intelligence as well as a strength in data and analytics. 

At its heart, this role is about listening to, understanding and deepening our customer’s engagement with our brand and providing analytical evidence of the strengths and weaknesses that can kick it on or drag it down. Practical experience is required of turning CX data into tangible action as well as a track record of delivering best in class customer experiences both physical and digital. Highly entrepreneurial, the role will play an important part in establishing the culture and reputation of VASHI among staff, partners and throughout the industry. It will work closely with the Head of Content, Strategy, Design Director and Creative Ops as part of the core team that will build and establish VASHI as the number one bespoke jewellery brand for millennials and gen z. 


The opportunity to be part of building both the VASHI brand and the VASHI culture from the ground up is an extraordinary one and with it comes great responsibility. The foundations of a unique business model are well established and there is nothing to stop us from creating something iconic both privately and publicly. Skills and experience are important but even more so is a hunger to be part of the journey and to input into the collective whole. In building this culture, passion trumps talent and talent trumps experience - finding the right people with the right attitude, the right character and a desire to cut the BS, work hard, be nice and fight for each other will be the difference between success and failure.  

Role and Responsibilities

  • Customer champion - first and foremost, this role carries the responsibility as the ultimate champion of the customer to inform the creative, strategic and commercial decisions within the VASHI business

  • CX Process & Protocol - responsible for establishing CX processes throughout the business with a focus on delivering exceptional quality while maintaining a highly productive operation

  • Experience - responsible for ensuring our on and offline store experience stays true to our brand vision and delivers on our core USPs

  • CS as sales tool: 

    • Acquisition/retention - responsible for driving growth and repeat business using any and all tools in the marketing mix with a focus on performance media as a tool to drive the sales funnel
    • CRM - Responsible for establishing a best-in-class CRM process utilising the most appropriate back office tool/s to create relevant segmentation and lifecycle email protocols to drive repeat business
    • Sales team - responsible for developing our 24/7 CS team to act as sales consultants and take payment as well as handling questions/complaints
  • Customer feedback

    • 24/7 support - responsible for establishing and overseeing always on customer support, utilising the most relevant and up to date technology and communications methods to align with the customer’s changing needs.  Responsible for additional language and cultural support as we expand globally
    • Social Listening - responsible for overseeing a team to manage all brand comments and mentions (responding where relevant) and feeding important insights into key leadership 
    • Complaints - responsible for overseeing a team to manage all customer complaints and for ensuring our complaints SLAs are best in class
  • CS as marketing tool 

    • Store partners - responsible for liaising with store partners (e.g Selfridges/Westfield) to ensure we are taking advantage of all in store opportunities
    • Surprise and delight - working closely with the CBO to deliver on the belief that ‘Customer Service is the unsung hero of marketing.’ Responsible for building on unique brand experiences including ‘Love Story’  and others TBD
  • Data and Analytics

    • Responsible for reviewing and implementing (where relevant) customer data and analytics tools and processes and for communicating insights across the brand team and business to inform strategic, creative and commercial activity
    • Marketing tech - responsible for keeping up to date with and effectively leveraging marketing technologies to create personal, relevant and engaging customer experiences.
  • Brand - working with creative and strategic colleagues to input into wider discussions to help establish the direction and development of the VASHI brand

  • Partnerships - building strong relationships with external partners ensuring the VASHI name and reputation is held in good esteem 

  • Internal relationships - responsible for clear communication with internal stakeholders ensuring all are kept up to date, informed or given approval where necessary

Skills and experience

  • 10+ years relevant experience, working across CX and performance marketing

  • Experience working in a premium / luxury consumer environment

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