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Job Title
Head of Brand Advocacy


VASHI is an ethical, fine-jewellery service built on a simple human truth: something you made means more than something you bought.  Our Co-Creation USP puts customers at the heart of their own product and with access to a rarely seen process, our designers and craftsmen work together with each customer to guide and inspire every VASHI piece. Customers can pull up a chair to customise their design, personalise with an engraving, choose a treasured stone, or design completely from scratch. 

This role leads the Brand Advocacy program for VASHI, generating brand love, advocacy & building relationships amongst content creators, customers & employees. The number one objective for this role is to educate a new generation of customers around the VASHI USP and establish us as an exciting and innovative fine jewellery brand. This is a highly entrepreneurial, senior role that carries a lot of responsibility requiring a strategic, creative and practical brand thinker.

Influencer marketing at VASHI needs to be viewed as a long-term partnership strategy.  This role is first and foremost about creating and cultivating relationships among influencers of all levels using a range of methods.  Focus will be on:

(i)    Our staff - the people who live and breathe the brand

(ii)    Existing customers - our greatest of all advocates,

(iii)    Nano influencers with small numbers of highly engaged, highly relevant followers

(iv)    Micro influencers such as key press to validate our message.

(v)     People of influence - rather than influencers, this includes entrepreneurs, business people, etc.  

NB we will only partner with Macro influencers where completely relevant - education awareness and business growth rather than fame itself is the objective and it must be understood that gifting/transactional relationships only will not work.


The opportunity to be part of building both the VASHI brand and culture from the ground up is an extraordinary one that comes with great responsibility. The foundations of a unique business model are well established and there is nothing to stop us from creating something iconic both privately and publicly. Skills and experience are important but even more so is hunger, to be part of the journey and to input into the collective whole. In business, our culture ethos is, passion trumps talent and talent trumps experience - finding the right people with the right attitude putting our customer focus at the forefront of our decisions will bring success to both individuals and our organisation.

Role and Responsibilities

  • The role is responsible for developing a best in class brand advocacy strategy to deliver huge band reach among target audience via highly relevant key influencers
  • The right candidate will bring a balance of data driven and strategic thinking, as well as creativity, flair and charisma
  • The role will:
    • Oversee all influencer relationships
    • Create and manage regular influencer partnerships, 
    • Create and manage regular influencer events
  • Work with Content Director to support and generate influencer content to be used on VASHI channels 
  • Oversee 3rd party influencer management and PR partners where relevant
  • Collaborations - VASHI offers everyone the chance to Co-Create with the brand and part of our advocacy strategy will be built on creating limited collections or pieces with key influencers to be offered to both followers only as well as the wider VASHI audience
  • The right candidate will understand that a successful advocacy strategy involves developing influencers into true brand advocates / ambassadors who meet the following criteria:
    • High Relevance to our message, sector and customer (we must use data to prove this)
    • Authentic (demonstrated passion for jewellery)
    • Ambassador (demonstrated long-term on-going relationships with brands)
    • Have strong network effects (potential through their networks in line with the 3 points above)
    • Be open to go through our creation process (rather than just receiving a gift) - this will give us the opportunity to create visually rich and interesting content that is on-brand and emphasise our barriers to entry vs the competition 
  • The role will work with Head of Brand Marketing to define and manage annual influencer marketing budget and will oversee evaluation & reporting on Influencer Marketing activities 
  • The role is responsible for hiring and developing the VASHI brand advocacy team as well as developing the culture of influence in the team and the wider business

Skills and experience

  • Experience - we are looking for someone with at least 5+ years’ working as Head of Brand Advocacy for a high-growth consumer brand
  • The successful candidate will be able to bring best practice learnings an existing network and a high degree of creativity to be able to unlock the huge potential that the VASHI USP brings
  • The successful Head of Brand Advocacy will understand that with the flexibility, autonomy and creative freedom required for a relationship-first approach, comes a need for exceptional organisation, measurement and communication within the business
  • Original thinker who is both respectful and also not afraid to challenge
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills
  • A whatever it takes, can do attitude at all times

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