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Job Title
Head of SEO


VASHI is an ethical, fine-jewellery service built on a simple human truth: something you made means more than something you bought.  Our Co-Creation USP puts customers at the heart of their own product and with access to a rarely seen process, our designers and craftsmen work together with each customer to guide and inspire every VASHI piece. Customers can pull up a chair to customise their design, personalise with an engraving, choose a treasured stone, or design completely from scratch. 


In June 2020, VASHI will be launching its new Magento 2 website as part of a wider Web 2.0 programme. For the Web 2.0 Launch, we have partnered with a 3rd party SEO team to ensure SEO good practice is baked into elements like site architecture, product catalogue structure, page level meta data, indexation control and site migration.

VASHI needs to migrate responsibility for all areas of SEO in-house into this new role and to ensure the Head of SEO builds out an SEO plan aligned with the overall business goals and strategy. The desire is to do as much SEO work in-house as possible, using 3rd parties where required to provide complimentary skills and enable execution at scale.


The opportunity to be part of building both the VASHI brand and culture from the ground up is an extraordinary one that comes with great responsibility. The foundations of a unique business model are well established and there is nothing to stop us from creating something iconic both privately and publicly. Skills and experience are important but even more so is hunger, to be part of the journey and to input into the collective whole. In business, our culture ethos is, passion trumps talent and talent trumps experience- finding the right people with the right attitude putting our customer focus at the forefront of our decisions will bring success to both individuals and our organisation.

Role and Responsibilities


The successful candidate will understand the nuances of enterprise SEO, how ecommerce platforms actually work and what needs to be done to maximise our SEO potential whilst actually getting things done. Our Head of SEO will have a track record of hands-on SEO for a B2C retail ecommerce website, ideally with a comparable sized business and product catalogue. For example, you’ll be able to run site crawls in Sitebulb or Screaming Frog, interpret crawl results and prioritise actions to address issues and opportunities.

You will be proactive and confident working at all levels of our business, including close liaison with the Omnichannel Director, Chief Brand Officer and CEO. When relevant, you should be prepared to attend senior management meetings to present work and provide a justification for recommendations if challenged.

We are looking for a self-starter, someone who can manage our expectations as much as we set the job requirements. We seek someone who is adept at working collaboratively, acting as a member of a rapidly expanding team to help us get the best results. You will need to influence our current thinking, understand the boundaries of the business and deliver a high-quality service within them. 

Purpose of Role:

At VASHI, we know that SEO is critical to our ecommerce business and effective SEO requires a blend of skills and disciplines to ensure:

  • Our website is built and maintained as a best-in-class technical solution
  • The front-end CX delights and delivers meaningful on-site engagement
  • Content is aligned with customer needs and search trends to maximise SERPs visibility
  • Content is optimised according to the latest good practice thinking for SEO

The SEO Senior will provide technical, marketing and content oversight for the business, determining the strategic direction of content campaigns and working with internal and external development teams to maintain a healthy balance between what’s optimal for SEO and what’s achievable technically with realistic timeframes and budget.

There are six core components to this role:

  1. Technical SEO good practice
  2. Regular site analysis e.g. site audits
  3. Keyword and content opportunity analysis
  4. Continuous improvement through testing and site updates
  5. SEO roadmap management.
  6. SEO team management (including any external partners)

Included in these is the selection and management of industry leading tools and 3rd party partners where relevant.

Key Responsibilities: (Include but not limited to)

  • Be the champion for SEO across the business
  • Create an SEO strategy with a prioritised roadmap for execution
  • As the business expands, define and implement our International SEO approach, ensuring technical guidelines are adhered to
  • Define the budget required to implement the strategy and create an ROI business case
  • Define the SEO toolkit and ensure all 3rd party tools are set-up and used correctly to maximise the investment impact
  • Take ownership of and be obsessed by site speed targets & ensure any new releases are sense checked against speed metrics
  • Define, implement & maintain best-in-class technical SEO guidelines e.g. indexation control for site URLs
  • Liaise with the Head of Development to ensure that all future development work is assessed from an SEO POV, where applicable
  • Audit the new Web 2.0 website and define an action plan for post-launch improvements to benefit search engine visibility and ranking
  • Ensure the web analytics tools are set-up to capture all data required to do ongoing SEO analytics, reporting & optimisation work
  • Work closely with the Head of Editorial to review all business content and provide SEO guidelines and recommendations
  • Work closely with the Customer Experience team to ensure we maximise the impact and reach of any UGC on the website
  • Lead the online keyword and content research to find gaps in keyword coverage and work with content team to plug these gaps & measure results
  • Work with the Marketing team to maximise the impact of any PR, social and outreach campaigns on site content
  • Provide regular management reports on SEO performance and results
  • Work with the Head of Analytics and Optimisation to do continued analysis on site performance & prioritise site improvements based on data
  • Work with the Head of Analytics and Optimisation to inform the testing plan using data, customer insights and smart hypotheses
  • Work with the CEO to build out the team structure and support HR to create compelling job specs and recruit the best possible candidates where necessary


Skills and experience

  • Able to demonstrate a track record of leading SEO strategy and delivering tangible site improvements through technical and marketing SEO techniques
  • At least 7 years’ experience in ecommerce SEO for B2C retail
  • At least 3 years’ experience as a Head of SEO or similar level in another business
  • Experience of delivering an international SEO strategy across multiple local country site versions
  • Experience with video SEO is required
  • Experience optimising copy and landing pages for SEO without impacting UX
  • Understanding of the SEO implications and requirements when combining 'advanced' JavaScript, HTML and crawlability e.g. SPA
  • Desired: 12 months + line management of junior and mid-level SEO roles
  • Desired: Experience of SEO optimisation on Magento
  • Working with leading SEO management tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz etc.
  • Proficiency using Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster tools (and other relevant local country tools)
  • Proficiency using Google Analytics for core analysis and reporting
  • Strong communication and organisational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines without dropping standards

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