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Job Title
Head of Analytics and Optimisation


VASHI is an ethical, fine-jewellery service built on a simple human truth: something you made means more than something you bought.  Our Co-Creation USP puts customers at the heart of their own product and with access to a rarely seen process, our designers and craftsmen work together with each customer to guide and inspire every VASHI piece. Customers can pull up a chair to customise their design, personalise with an engraving, choose a treasured stone, or design completely from scratch. 

In June 2020, VASHI will be launching its new Magento 2 website as part of a wider Web 2.0 programme. For the Web 2.0 Launch, we have partnered with SoWhatAnalytics to ensure we have a robust Google Analytics and GTM implementation that fixes current issues, improves ecommerce tracking and reporting and delivers a scalable tagging infrastructure. Included in this scope of work is the creation of some simple business reports in Data Studio to compliment the native reporting in Magento.

VASHI needs to migrate responsibility for all areas of analytics in-house into this new role and to ensure the Head of Analytics and Optimisation builds out a measurement and optimisation plan aligned with the overall business goals and strategy. The desire is to do as much optimisation work in-house as possible, using 3rd parties where required to provide complimentary skills and enable execution at scale.


The opportunity to be part of building both the VASHI brand and culture from the ground up is an extraordinary one that comes with great responsibility. The foundations of a unique business model are well established and there is nothing to stop us from creating something iconic both privately and publicly. Skills and experience are important but even more so is hunger, to be part of the journey and to input into the collective whole. In business, our culture ethos is, passion trumps talent and talent trumps experience- finding the right people with the right attitude putting our customer focus at the forefront of our decisions will bring success to both individuals and our organisation.

Role and Responsibilities

Purpose of Role:

At VASHI, we know that data-driven decision making is critical to our growth plans and we need to ramp up our capabilities in the following areas:

  • Company-wide measurement framework
  • Data strategy for quantitative and qualitative data
  • Standardised reporting aligned with business/team goals and objectives
  • Data modelling to enable predictive analysis
  • Data automation to speed up decision-making
  • Data optimisation to ensure analytics tracking is best-in-class
  • Robust testing and ongoing optimisation of the website
Included in these is the selection and management of industry leading tools and 3rd party partners where relevant.

We want to build a high-quality data team in-house. The Head of Analytics and Optimisation will be responsible for developing and mentoring this internal optimisation team, with scope to grow the team based on our growth plans.


Key Responsibilities: (Include but not limited to)


  • Be the champion for web analytics, voice-of-customer data & testing across the business
  • Create a web analytics strategy that ensures we’re tracking all relevant data points for key stakeholders
  • Own analytical support for problem diagnosis, root cause investigation and redress activity of any website issues
  • Deliver useable and insightful customer and transactional data to drive business decisions
  • Set-up & manage the reporting infrastructure the business needs to measure performance and report on results, including any BI tools we require
  • Define the testing process & toolkit, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and understand their roles in scaling testing
  • Design, develop and deliver targeting and predictive models for acquisition and customer retention strategy
  • Continued development of customer segmentation methodology and resultant targeting to deliver defined marketing and commercial objectives
  • Ensure continuous improvement and monitoring processes are in place for all targeted customer contact strategies to deliver efficient and effective marketing activity
  • Liaise with the Head of Development to ensure that all web analytics and testing requirements are adequately defined, briefed and go through QA before launching
  • Audit the new Web 2.0 website and define an action plan for post-launch tracking improvements
  • Take ownership of the Vashi analytics accounts like Google Analytics and ensure there are no set-up/configuration issues
  • Work closely with internal Heads to ensure they have the required reports to measure performance e.g. Head of Editorial to review impact of content on the website
  • Work closely with the Customer Experience team to ensure we maximise the scope and impact of voice-of-customer data e.g. NPS surveys
  • Work with the CEO to build out the team structure and support HR to create compelling job specs and recruit the best possible candidates
  • To coach, mentor and develop current team in all aspects of data and optimisation
  • Conduct monthly appraisals with team to locate weaknesses and area of development and training
  • Any other ad hoc duties

Skills and experience

  • Able to demonstrate a track record of leading a web analytics and optimisation team and delivering tangible site improvements through data driven analysis
  • Proven leader across teams and in a matrix management organisation
  • At least 7 years’ experience in a senior analytical and insight-based role
  • Thorough understanding and application of key analytical principles and techniques associated with marketing, customer segmentation and data management.
  • Fluent using Google Analytics, GTM and Data Studio
  • High level competency using Optimizely, Clicktale and other optimisation tools
  • Advanced spreadsheet skills for data extraction, manipulation, analysis and reporting
  • Desired: technical grounding in additional tools and computer languages such as SQL, Python
  • Strong communication and organisational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines without dropping standards

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