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Job Title
Director of Production and Quality Control


VASHI is an ethical, fine-jewellery service built on a simple human truth: something you made means more than something you bought.  Our Co-Creation USP puts customers at the heart of their own product and with access to a rarely seen process, our designers and craftsmen work together with each customer to guide and inspire every VASHI piece. Customers can pull up a chair to customise their design, personalise with an engraving, choose a treasured stone, or design completely from scratch. 

Our unique business model means a unique approach to product design.  With a workshop in every store and a stock holding of raw metals and precious gemstones we are in the enviable position of having both a lightning fast supply chain and the ability to make products to order.  Our products are all made in the city they are bought from which means low carbon footprint, low wastage and 100% flexibility.  Until now, the majority of our revenue has come from diamond engagement rings made individually to order, however our strategy is to expand to include multiple products (rings, bracelets, necklaces etc.), stones (sapphires, emeralds etc.) and gifting moments (anniversaries, mothers day, self gifting etc.).  Our product will range what we call ‘the spectrum of bespoke’ from light touch personalisation to customised products to true bespoke and will stay true to the core USP of Co-Creation and the idea that “every piece is made unique by the customer.”


Our strategic vision has implications on our product function in the following ways: - House design codes - even though the customer is in control, we must establish our own signature style  - In store design - each store will have the people and process to inspire customers and give them the confidence to create products that range the spectrum of bespoke.  While personalisation and custom products can be built within scalable processes, true bespoke requires jewellery designers at point of sale - Ready to wear - while most customers enjoy investing time in the making process, some want to buy into the VASHI experience requiring a fast (near instant) turnaround - this will require ready to wear style products that are 95% complete that can be finished within minutes.

The opportunity to be part of building both the VASHI brand and culture from the ground up is an extraordinary one that comes with great responsibility. The foundations of a unique business model are well established and there is nothing to stop us from creating something iconic both privately and publicly. Skills and experience are important but even more so is hunger, to be part of the journey and to input into the collective whole. In business, our culture ethos is, passion trumps talent and talent trumps experience- finding the right people with the right attitude putting our customer focus at the forefront of our decisions will bring success to both individuals and our organisation.


The key objective for this role, is to oversee and ensure smooth implementation of the following areas of the business, manufacturing, procedure, quality control, workshop, supply and sourcing, planning, dispatch, casting. This is a vast and varied role which will play an integral part in building this new function across the business. The role will work closely with the senior leadership team to ensure brand values are displayed throughout the company.


Key Responsibilities: (Include but not limited to;)


  • Planning and overseeing production schedules and processes
  • Taking a high-level view on the day to day procedure and manufacture
  • Coaching and developing to move the team onto a greater plane. We believe the ambition has to be high (and achievement) needs to be high to facilitate the brands ambitions
  • Assessing projects and resource requirements
  • Implementing the needs and strategy of the business, both domestic and international
  • Assessment and execution of the roadmap and resources required to achieve these ambition
  • Estimating, negotiating and agreeing overall budgets. Maximising the cost efficiencies in the department
  • Determining and implementing quality control standards. Creates and facilitates the understanding of the ‘Vashi standard’ 
  • Develop cutting edge machinery, technology and techniques. Technological and procedural innovations have to be a key strategy to fully harness the dynamism of the business.
  • Development of this ethos/programme to ensure the department is adding value
  • Monitor production to resolve issues
  • Set up generation of insights and data to allow for more effective prevention of issues and faster resolutions
  • Liaising with design/marketing on development/prototype projects
  • Working with Creative/Design director to instil an efficient synergy across the business
  • Oversee employment and team structures. Building structure, identifying resources required to facilitate growth.
  • Analysing team skill gaps and generation of solutions - internal/external
  • Health and safety - A general overview, safety assurance and record will be analysed as we progress onto bigger more complex site


Personal Specifications: 


  • Strong leadership skills - Motivate team members to deliver exceptional work and exceed expectations - Strong knowledge in performance evaluation. Early installation of their own vision and ownership of this division of the business. Enact a greater reporting/assessment structure
  • 10+ years’ experience within a similar field from a Leadership understanding and perspective
  • Hold the ability to inspire others
  • Experience in problem solving and decision-making tasks
  • Strong communication and organisational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines without dropping standards
  • Excellent written and verbal English language skills  
  • A whatever it takes, can do attitude at all times

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