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  • Revealed: Where To Find The UK’s Most (And Least!) Romantic Men

    Cute couple

    New research has revealed the locations of the UK’s most and least romantic men, as voted for by women around the country. Yorkshire men took the lead, while the Welsh lagged behind as the least romantic in the UK. Furthermore, the poll found that more than half of women believe their men are more romantic than they are.

  • How many of these famous fictional weddings from film and television can you remember?

    For many people, a picture-perfect wedding is something that has been dreamed about since early childhood. For many brides, every detail has been poured over from a young age – from the cake to the venue and, most importantly, the dress! These fantasies are often inspired by the weddings we have seen in the world of film and television. In honour of this, we have put together a list of some of the most famous (and infamous) weddings from the small and big screens. How many of them can you remember?

  • Record Breaking Weddings: The Biggest and Brashest of Nuptials


    All couples want their wedding to be memorable, but some won’t settle for any less than the best. Guinness has been compiling records for decades now, and when it comes to weddings they don’t disappoint. Here are some of biggest and wildest weddings the world, and Guinness, has ever seen.


  • Fact not fiction – quirky facts about diamonds that you may or may not know!


    Diamonds. They are beautiful, timeless and extravagant, and they perfectly encapsulate true love. But what do you really know about these precious stones, aside from them being a girl’s best friend? Read on to discover some truly fascinating facts that you may or may not have heard of before!


  • Why wait? 5 reasons why short engagements are better!


    Last week, we argued the case for long engagements, but for some the wait to be lead to the altar can become unbearable. Here are the top reasons why many enjoy a swift march down the aisle.


  • Down on bended knee: common proposal mistakes


    Thanks to a multitude of romance novels, films and the internet in general, many have built up high expectations about fairy-tale proposals that tug at the heart strings. If you are considering popping the question, there’s more pressure than ever before to get it absolutely spot on. It is, after all, a momentous event that you will both look back on fondly, so brining your A-game is vital. Don’t fret, we’ve researched the most common proposal pitfalls to aid you in this journey. Avoid these and you should have your happily ever after!


  • What do you know about wedding superstitions?


    Customs such as the bride wearing a veil or the groom carrying the bride over the threshold are traditions that many still partake in, but why? What purpose do these traditions actually have? Read on to discover the origins of such superstitions, as well as the logic behind them.


  • Dying to tie the knot: are long engagements worth it?


    Engagements. They can either be mind-boggingly short or painstakingly long. So what is the correct length of an engagement? The answer: there is none. The duration of an engagement is entirely up to you and your beau. Some people prefer short engagements as they cannot wait to begin the next chapter of their life together, whereas others prefer long engagements as both of their lives might currently be too busy and hectic.


  • Make your bridal shower unforgettable with some of these hilarious games


    Traditionally, the bridal shower is the responsibility of the bridesmaids. If you find yourself in such a position, don’t fret. We understand that such showers can bring on a lot of stress as you have to organise a soiree that caters for a collection of people of all ages, that have also never met before. We’ve therefore compiled this list of fun games that double as amusing icebreakers. It should lead to an unforgettable day that you can all cherish for years to come.


  • From spitting to bridenapping, have a look at some of the most interesting wedding traditions!


    Love is universal, marriage is universal, but how we tie the knot varies considerably around the world. An elegant white wedding dress, throwing the bouquet, cutting the marvellous cake, and the starry-eyed first dance are all wedding staples that we in the West have become particularly accustomed to. However, in other cultures and countries, these customs are not so common.